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Guilty of ditching your resolutions by mid-January? Intent will help you stay on track all year long.

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Why use intent?

  • Get inspired and stay motivated with relevant articles, quotes, and milestone trackers
  • Take steps toward your goals by turning your resolutions into actionable items
  • Track your progress and be rewarded for your efforts by earning coins, streaks, and more for completing challenges

intent is an easy to use e-mail app that helps you grow towards your goals and keeps track of your progress.

I created Intent because as the year wears on and life gets busy, we lose focus on our well-meaning New Year's resolutions.

I set resolutions every year. But the truth is, if you ask me 6 months later what my resolution was, I will have no idea. Even if I write it down, it's not surrounded by a system that supports it (or I lose the paper I wrote it down on because who uses paper).

Intent hopes to not only remind you, "Hey, don't forget that you wanted to work on financial growth this year" but also to keep you motivated to stick to it with challenges, articles, and other relevant content.

- Alan Scarpa, Founder

intent is 100% free.

We aren't here to upsell you.

We just want to grow a community of supportive people who are excited to learn, improve, and change.

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