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Need motivation? Remember your big picture!

You read some great motivating articles online, you’re feeling pumped up, and you go ahead and set your alarm for 6 am with all the best intentions in the world.

– DINGGGG – FIZZZZzz – BUzzZZZZZ (That’s your alarm going off).

You roll over and with barely any hesitation, you hit the snooze button or you simply turn it off.


What changed between the time you decided you were going to wake up early and the moment you decide to ignore the alarm?

At some level, a part of you felt like it wasn’t worth it to wake up and do whatever it is you planned on doing with your early morning start. Maybe you wanted to work out. Or maybe you wanted to write a blog post.

The dangerous thing is that this thought of “it’s not worth it”, can creep into many other areas of your life where you need to exercise discipline.

“I should get the salad today” – “Not worth it. Those curly fries look extra crispy today!”

“I should work out’ – “Not worth it. I’m too tired.” – etc.

One great way to combat this is to remember the big picture.

It’s easy to lose focus or forget the end goal. You need to understand that everytime you exercise discipline, you are taking a step up the staircase towards your goal.

Stop thinking, “I have to eat this salad” or “I have to work out today” or “I have to write my chapter today”. Think of your bigger goal: “I have to eat this salad because I want to live a healthy life”, “I have to work out because I want to run a 5k race”, “I have to write a chapter because my dream is to write a book”.

If you practice remembering your big picture, it will be easier to find motivation and discipline.

What’s important here is to actually know what your big picture is.

A lot of us don’t even know what it looks like. Pull up a seat, and take a few minutes to write down your big picture goals. Now when you are feeling like there isn’t enough reason to do the small things, you can think clearly of why you’re really doing it. Like I said, each small step will take you up the staircase.

After writing down your big picture, use other tools to support them:

I just read the post by Reddit user /u/alefty and he definitely gave good insights on how to structure your goals: He has a nice spreadsheet you can download.

Building habits like reading this post, following inspiring Medium publications like, and listening to educational podcasts can also help build an environment where you’re inspired to keep working towards your bigger goals.

Good luck everyone. Remember your big picture the next time you need to find some motivation.

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